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Divided Cop Of Integrated Elevator Controller Car Top Board FJ-JDB-V


Car TOP Board FJ-JDB Shape & Dimension


Car Top board is installed on car top. It mainly achieve car door information collection & load weighcollection & door control output. Car Top board and Car Command board are connected by DB9 cable. Car Top board can only connect to main Car Command board, and also can connect to both main Car Command board and sub Car Command board.
Through DIP switch SW1 on Car Top board, you can select functions. First, power off, set DIP switch as requirement, then power on and Car Top board will enter program with corresponding function.
While actual operation, select function according to actual configuration (with or without sub Car Command board).


This program support IC Card Function and visitor function of COP board. According to configuration of sub command board, it can be divided to such following types:

  • (1)Standard Program: Suit for single door or whole two-door (No sub command board or connect to rear door command board).
  • (2)Sub (front door) command board Program: Suit for no sub command board or connect to normal sub command board. This mode support interlaced two door.
  • (3)CAN Communication COP Program: No command board in car, but Car Operation board (FJ-CZB) in car for information exchange with CAN Bus.


[1] If using both safety plate and light curtain at same time, J2-4 and J2-8 will be safety plate input, J2-5 and J2-9 will be light curtain input; If only using safety plate or light curtain, J2-4 and J2-8 will be their input.
[2] Connect to J1 of command board through communication cable (DB9 female cable).