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Elevator Group Control Board FJ-QKB-V


Group Control Board FJ-QKB-V Shape & Dimension


1. Group Control from 3 to 8 elevators;
2. Elevator speed 0.5-4m/s;
3. Can be used up to 64 floors;
4. Applies to passenger and residential elevator.


1. Group control system is combined with one group control board “FJ-QKB-V” and several integrated controllers in every elevator in the group. Group controller collect hall call, car call and status information of every elevator through CAN BUS, process them, and deliver distribution orders to every elevator. In this way the group control for up 8 elevators & 64 floors is achieved.
2. Four Running Modes

  • Up peak mode: At set time, all elevators answer landing call with up call from base floor has highest priority.
  • Down peak mode: At set time, one elevator answer up call with priority; other elevators answer down call (one elevator on each area) with priority to minimize the down call reaction time.
  • Balance mode: Landing call distribution is optimized according to shortest time response principle.
  • Spare mode: 3 minutes at the balance mode without landing/car call, elevator will wait for the order from the first floor on each area so that response to hall car as soon as possible.

When elevator is at status of fault, attendant, inspection, parking, fire and special use mode, it will be excluded from group control mode. Please follow the relevant chapter in this user guide for individual elevator operation in group control mode.