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FGKP Series Elevator Integrated Control Cabinet

Has equipped FK series Elevator Core System (FECS) to combine logic control with VVVF drive. It achieves efficiency by integration and intensive sharing of resource.

  • To meet customer demands, the cabinet has diffirent sizes to fit into applications no matter normal machine room, small machine room or machine roomless.
  • The cabinet provides diversified interfaces to support wireless and wired remote monitoring, cell monitoring, elvator IC/ID card access management, sound boardcast and fire linkage control.
  • Suitable for both geared and gearless traction machine.
  • Supports elevator monitoring module over Internet: to collect data of elevator running, fault, maintenance and implement real-time elevator monitoring.

Control Cabinet Voltage:

  • AC3PH 220V+10%-15% 50Hz±5%
  • AC3PH 3800+15% 50Hz1±5%

Model Description

FGK □ □□ V □□-4

  1. Application Scope: Simplex, duplex and group control for 3-8 elevators (with a group control board)
  2. Speed Range: 0.5 – 4 m/s
  3. Applicable Elevators: Passenger elevators, freight elevators, bed elevators, residential elevators, panoramic elevators.
  4. Stops: < 64

It is applicable to geared traction machines and gearless permanent magnet machines.


  • Modular components for internal structure. Easy wiring, assembling and repairing
  • Internal interface board provides easy accessibility for hoistway cable and travalling cable. The simple plug in type connection makes wiring mistake free and save time.
  • Built-in over-voltage protection module to cut off power input immediately after neutral wire is broken. Ensure the safety of electric components.
  • Built-in power sources for brake system. Provides DC brake control which is more efficient and introduces less high frequency interference, heat or noise.
  • Built-in OC24V switch power source, direct power output for Landing Call board, Car board and so on. Provides up to 5A rated output current.
  • Separate the brake system power source from the transformer, reduce its volume and weight. Thus, the size of the cabinet is reduced about 66% than normal cabinet.
  • Light body design for the cabinet, minimize the amount of circuit breaker and contactor. The cab­ inet is wire socket groove free.

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