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PM Traction Machine (Standard series) FJK2-B


PM Traction Machine
(Standard series)

FJK2-B Series is FUJI Global Korea’s standard outer rotor type PM gearless traction machine. It is very cost-effective, and is a classic model with largest sale & ownership volume.

Traction Machine Parameter

Voltage: AC380V
Roping: 2: 1
Wrap: Single
Capacity: 450kg-1150kg
Speed: 0.5m/s – 2.0m/s
Protection Grade: IP41
Ins. Class: F
Traction machine pole: 30
Stars per hour: 240
Rating: S5-40%
Elevator Height: ≤90m


  • Short axial length, suitable for machine roomless elevator application;
  • High efficiency with high torque density design;
  • Small size, simple structure with high utilization of materials;
  • Machine low speed operation smooth, with low noise and small vibration;
  • Use block type armless brake with high reliability.

Brake Parameter

Model: BLB
Ins. Class: F
Voltage: DC110V

Outline drawing

FJK2-B Outer Rotor Series