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Fuji Global Co., Itd. is located in Gwangnaru-Ro, Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul, South Korea. Passing on Japanese advanced technology and excellent equipment, the strength of both courage and ambition, to create a classic elevator brand spirit, relentless pursuit, and constantly explore. Through a partnership with foreign research and development center, technology transfer, technology development, such as multi-level and technology strategy, make high-grade elevator mainly engaged in superior quality; Research and development, production, sales, installation and maintenance service is a body comprehensive enterprise.

Cooperation with the Fuji Lift Japan to research and develop both the gearless synchronous traction machine and the integral control system: with Japan Panasonic for inverter synchronous and asynchronous door machine system; Rely on the three major advantages, to create safe, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, elevator.


In 1995 we were two men in a basement, solving difficult technical problems involving highway design and vehicle crashes. Our growth was spurred by our intellectual curiosity; in order to find the proper solution to our clients’ problems we needed technical experts in complementary disciplines. If you trace our growth you will find an intentional progression that gradually broadened our expertise without sacrificing quality or depth.


Advance Technology

Over the years, Fuji Global keeps focusing on innovating technology and has successfully developed: the’s first Digital Full Closed-Loop, Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency Elevator Control, the’s first 32 — bit Microprocessor Serial Communication VWVF Elevator Controller, Korea’s first Elevator Safety Remote Monitoring System (Elevator bodyguard) and many more innovative products with cutting edge technologies. Leading the progress of automatic VF drive technology transforms into digital and intelligent, out FK Serial elevator controllers and VF drivers are top rated in both technology and market share. The iBL series Intellingent Elevator Controller Systems support connection with smart terminal devices such as a mobile phone to provide various practical and high-end fanctions to guarantee safety. Function inculude debugging, fault diagnosis & troubleshooting and mobile remote monitoring, make the “Internet + Elevator “application really come true. Now, as the elevator system pioneer, Fuji Global has a number of features became the industrial standards.

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Tremendous Competence

Fuji Global Korea has Design and Manufacture plants located in Gwangnaru-Ro, Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul, South Korea. Main sales & services offices are distributed in Korea and network covers most of the country. Every year Fuji Global provides all kinds of elevator services for more than 500 domestic and international customers, including China, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, The United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia and Taiwan.

In the future, Fuji Global will continue taking responsibility in elevator contribution, foscus on the Intelligent Control of Elevator System as our core concept, presevere with our diligence and expertise to provide professional producst and service to every customer.

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