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Model Description

Intelligent Control Leading the Future

FK is the new generation intelligent elevator integrated controller.
It combines the functions of logical control and variable frequency drive. It has Advanced technology, Optimal Performance, High Reliabitity, Easy to Use and many more excellent feature


1. Advanced Technology

  • Perfectly combines intellectual logic control and high preformance VWVF drive to achieve complete integration.
  • Adopts advanced vector control technology, demodulates motor with high precision, takes full advantage of motor capacity, improves elevator performance and riding comfort
  • Advanced space vector PwM algorithm, improves great efficinency than traditional sine/cosine PWM method and saves more energy.

2. Optimal Performance

  • Generates optimized speed curve based on target floor to achieve lift direct stop wrth high accuracy and efficiency.
  • CAN BUS tecnology satisfies serial communication in high speed and relibility. Simplifies system wiring and extension.
  • Comatible with wireless remote monitoring system on internet, convenient for remote commissioning guidance, maintenance and elevator monitoring.

3. Easy to Use

  • Compatible with smart phone tuning with comprehensive information. Support parameters and error data remote transfer, online guidance, balance coefficient detection nad other fuctions. Make the tuning process easy and efficient.
  • Simple auto-tuning (sett-learn) operations to get motor parameters and initial angle for both Rotating and Static methods
  • Fuzzy logic control for elevator start-up with non-load-compensation. Excellent comfort feeling even without weighting device.
  • When working with Fuji Golobal Synchronous traction machine, controller could use the information form its predefined machine model, save machine parameter input and auto-tuning process, improves the commissioning efficiency and maximize machine performance.

4. High Reliability

  • Adanced two 32-bit CPU and FPGA cooperation for complete elevator control to ensure high elevator safety and reliability
  • Redundancy design and full software-hardware protection to guarntee elevator safety and relibility.
  • Professional EMC tested, enhanced anti-electromagnetic interference ability and suitable for complicated job site.
  • Monitoring the cutting current from controller to machine every time elevator stops.

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