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PM Traction Machine FJK3-L


PM Traction Machine

FJK3-L series products is the new generation inner rotor structure PM gearless traction machine developed by FUJI GLOBAL in 2015. It is suitable for mini machine room or machine roomless elevator application.

Traction Machine Parameter

Voltage: AC380V
Roping: 2: 1
Wrap: Single
Capacity: 320kg-1050kg
Speed: 0.5m/s – 2.0m/s
Protection Grade: IP41
Traction machine pole: 20
Stars per hour: 240
Rating: S5-40%
Elevator Height: ≤80m


  • No frame on motor stator, futher improves heat dissipation.
  • High efficiency and high torque density design with high material utilization, small size and light weight.
  • The inner rotor structure improves electromagnetic structure, result smooth low speed running and high overload capacity.
  • Use shaft brake, with the advantage of compact struc­ture, low braking noise and fast response time.

Brake Parameter

Model: BLS
Ins. Class: F
Voltage: DC110V/55V

Outline drawing

FJK3-L Inner Rotor Series